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Testimonial by Bryan J Jones


24th November 2008

Mrs Janet Johnson
Property Services Manager
Pennycuick Collins
9 The Square,
111 Broad Street,
B15 1AS

Dear Mrs Johnson,

Insurance works at the above address

I am writing on behalf of the insured, Mrs Edna Jones, and in my professional capacity as senior architectural technician and building inspector, to inform you that the building and redecoration parts of these insurance works are complete to both my satisfaction and that of the insured my mother.
The kitchen linoleum shall be replaced, as agreed between building contracts manager and the insureed now that the redecorations are complete, at the time in th near future convenient to both parties. At this point a certificate of practical completion for the builders work of this insurance claim may be issued.
Further to the legal declarations above, and in discussion with my mother, i am writing to offer my personal recommendation on behalf of hickenbuild. This is an offer which my thirty years in contract management has only been made on two previous occassions and is made on this occasion on the assumption that the end results of Mr Hickens's project management and quality control are at the same level for all of his contracts.
In ten/twelve weeks that this contract has run, since the discovery of damp in my mother's home, Mr Hicken has above all treated flat 3 as the home of his client, and not as a simple building site. He has generously accepted my 'Involvement' and with respect and understanding at all times maintained a three way flow of communication which has smoothed the passage of this contract and kept my mothers stress levels as low as possible, given the nature of these works. The same consideraton has been shown to my mother and her property by his workforce.
The quality of finishes in the plaster and skimming of the damaged walls is some of the best i have seen, which in turn prepared the substrate for the treatment and high quality papering/painting. The leading edges of the doors have been shaved and redecorated and now function properly after the swelling caused by the damp ingress. The emulsioning and glosswork have been carried out with car and precision, with no attempt to 'get away with' any of elements.

I am as hard and rapid in preparing lengthy snagging lists for contracts under my supervision as i am in reporting my satisfaction, where due.

I know this building extremely well and have witnessed the results of the works undertaken by other companies with, on occasion, shocking results. as tenants come and go there have been any number of contractors in the building making patchwork of internl alterations, some of which have not been of a correct standard and this, in my proffesional opinion, has lead directly to the current and future problems that this building faces, especially with the plumbing connections to the ducted services outside of the responsibility of each tenant/owner.

I believe, if i may, that this property would bennifit from the appointment of a single property maintenance contractor and that at present a thorough inspection of all connections from private property into the service ducts be carried out, by yourselves and said contractor, a report prepared, and a one time all problem resolution in these aresa be undertaken with costs based on industry standards.

Further, and this may already from part of the tenancy agreement, all substantial future works within the properties be reported to yourselves for approval and, where relevant, be overseen by your contractor in the connection into the public service ducts.

In conclusion i would like to ask that peenycuick collins seriously consider appointing hickenbuild as the property maintenance contractor for this building, and any other property under your management. That they be afforded the protection of your appointed clerk of works in overseeing the continuation of all works at this high standard, whilst impartially resolving issues arising with certain tenants.

My mother and i look forward to a stress free resolution of the outstanding elements of this insurance claim between yourselves, the insurers and the insured and remain.

Yours sincerely

Bryan J Jones
cc. S. Hicken Esq - Hickenbuild.

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